Who am I?

Writer, Artist, Teacher, Journalist, Editor in chief... As far as I can remember, I've always had this need to build things. I guess the only thing I'm sure about me is that I'm a creative person. I need to create and feel like I'm doing something useful (kind of) to feel good... 

What is this website?

Here you can find some examples of my work.

What can I do for you exactly?

Basically I have some experiences in:

- Arts (painting, drawing, singing, acting, cooking, photographing...).

- Writing (interviews, reviews, articles, analysis, news flashes, opinion pages, poems, quotes, short stories...).
- Web (webmastering, web editing, community managing...).
- Management and Administrative work (managing and organising a team, doing the invoices and the plannings...)
- Publishing and selling books (proofreading, restocking, reorganising, selling,... ).
- Teaching (mainly French as Foreign Language but also Latin and French as a Native Language. I also used to teach History, Spanish, English, Geography, Linguistics but only as a private teacher).

Specialties : Literature, Languages, Culture, Arts, Travels, Nature, Psychology, History.

What does Naïra mean?

If you ask, maybe I'll tell you !

2 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

Hey Carole,
I started with culturetco and got here.
I like the two sites,a nd on this one the photos and art. You are doing a lot! Riccardo

Madhu Kopparam a dit…

So, what does Naira mean?

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